CC4 Series Double Valve

Safety Cat. 4 PL e, External Monitoring

  • Redundant control with position feedback - can achieve Category 4, PL e, when used with proper safety controls.
  • ROSS poppet technology - fast, reliable, dirt-tolerant, face-sealing, low friction.
  • Redundant poppets prevent air from being supplied and exhausted from each outlet port.
  • Mid-position sensing using magnetic proximity sensors (PNP) for detection of closed center position providing feedback to the safety control system for external monitoring.
  • Dynamic, cyclical, external with customer supplied safety control system. Monitoring should check state of both valve mid-position sensors with any and all changes in state of valve control signal.
  • LED indicators on solenoids - aids troubleshooting
  • Manual trapped pressure relief to remove stored energy when required
  • SISTEMA Library available for download at



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