RSe Series Double Valve

Safety Cat. 4 PL e, External Monitoring

  • Redundant control can achieve Category 4, PL e, when used with proper safety controls
  • Each single valve in the RSe Series is equipped with a PNP proximity sensor for external monitoring.
  • Monitoring both of these sensors on each actuation and de-actuation of the RSe Series valve provides a diagnostic coverage up to 99
  • Redundant spool type valve with two operating solenoids that must be operated simultaneously in order to actuate the valve. In addition each valve element has a single, proximity sensor that is wired as a PNP type sensor for position sensing.
  • Automatic reset by de-energizing the solenoids
  • Base mounted – with G or NPT pipe threads. Inlet and outlet ports on both sides provide for flexible piping (plugs for unused ports included). Captive valve-to-base mounting screws.
  • SISTEMA Library available for download at



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