27 Series Lockout Valves & Soft Start EEZ-ON

Safety Cat. 1, PL c, Piloted Valves with Manual Lockout L-O-X Control

  • Dirt tolerant, wear compensating for quick response and high flow capacity
  • Operated like the manual lockout L-O-X® valve, the position of the blue handle indicates instantaneous full flow pressurizing or exhausting capability
  • Allows the air supply to be turned on or off by remote electrical control when valve is not in the lockout position
  • An adjustable restriction within the EEZ-ON®valve determines the rate of downstream pressure buildup, and consequently the time delay for the full opening of the EEZ-ON® valve
  • Full size exhaust ports (equal to or larger than supply) provide rapid exhaust of downstream air and are threaded for silencers or remote exhaust lines
  • Design only allows the valve to be lockable in the OFF position
  • Fluorocarbon slipper seals for easy shifting, even after long periods of inactivity



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