Vacuum, Low/High Temperatures, DIN & M12 Connection [21 Series] 2/2, 3/2, & 4/2 Functions, 1/4" to 1-1/2" Port Sizes

  • Perpendicular Poppet Face Seals Creates High-Flow and Positive Sealing
  • Differential Piston Design Delivers Fast and Consistent Response Times
  • Overwhelming Shifting Forces Provides No-Stick Operation
  • High Velocity Air Flow Across Poppet Seats Allows Self-Cleaning and Strong Dirt Tolerance
  • Superior Internal Guidance System and Self-Compensating Seals Delivers Long-Life

Valves for Vacuum Applications
Vacuum service valves are ideal for lifting, holding, vacuum packaging and moving anything from large objects to tiny particles.
They also provide an effective means for leak testing. The vacuum source typically comes from either a vacuum pump or a venturi.
In vacuum service applications, the pressure within the valve is reduced below atmospheric pressure. Consequently, atmospheric
pressure actually pushes air into the valve, instead of the common belief that air is “sucked” in by the vacuum.

Valves for Full Vacuum Applications
Full vacuum valves are ideal for applications where compressed air is unavailable. Full vacuum valves use the difference in
force between atmospheric pressure and the vacuum within the valve to actuate the valve. The full vacuum valve performs with
atmospheric pressure in port 1 and 10 to 30 inches of Mercury vacuum in the valve body.