CC4 Series Safe Control & Load Holding

for External Monitoring

  • 4/3 Closed Center redundant double valve
  • Mid-position sensing - for detection of safe, closed center position
  • LED indicators on solenoids - aids troubleshooting
  • Full control of double-acting cylinders, including stop, jog and load-holding functions
  • Category 4, PL e, when used with proper safety controls

ROSS’ new CrossCheckTM CC4 Series Safety directional valve is a redundant, externally monitored 4-ported, 3-position (closed center) pneumatic valve for Category 4, PL e applications, where controlling and stopping a cylinder is necessary for safe operator access during production-related tasks. The valve is constructed with tight-sealing, dirt-tolerant poppet-type valve internals. The CrossCheckTM CC4 Series valve is designed to be controlled by a safety controller or safety relay with dual channel outputs and the capability of monitoring the mid-position feedback sensors. The valve is a redundant valve and is driven by 4 solenoid pilot valves - two for extending and two for retracting.



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